The Woodbury Rotary Community Fund was established June 30, 2003 for the sole purpose of accepting tax deductible contributions for projects initiated and completed by a very dedicated, community focused group of Rotarians, namely the Woodbury Rotary Club.

The Woodbury Rotary Community Fund's Endowment Fund financially supports projects, programs, and services focused on making the local community the best place for youth to live. The Endowment Fund solicits contributions from many sources, including individuals, companies/businesses, and other foundations.

The Woodbury Rotary Community Fund and the Woodbury Rotary Club primary focus is change for youth, funding scholarships, homeless youth initiatives, 4H, the Woodbury High School Robotics Team and the Woodbury Rotary Miracle Field, which includes on-going support for the Miracle League of Woodbury.

Operating costs are held to an absolute minimum.

  • No BOD members accept any form of compensation
  • Legal services are provided without charge by Sjoberg & Tebelius Attorneys at law (Woodbury). One of the members is Fund secretary and Rotary Club member.
  • Accounting services are provided by Lethert, Skwira, Schultz & Co., (St. Paul). One of the partners resides in Woodbury and is Fund treasurer and Rotary Club member.
  • Internet/computer services are provided by Cloud Tech Services; owner lives in Woodbury and is a Fund BOD member and Rotary Club member.
  • Brand Management, marketing, advertising and public relations are provided by Strategem, Inc.; owner lives in Woodbury and is Fund president and Rotary Club member.